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Enclosed you will find 3 variety lists (Excel files) and 3 corresponding order sheets (pdf) for download. With these paired documents you can order variety labels and picture info labels/price labels or view material for your individual catalogue.

Please download the corresponding parallel order sheet, fill it out with stamp and signature and send it to us together with the completed order list ( After internal review, we reserve the right to accept the order, to request further assurances (especially in the case of existing variety or brand protection) or to reject the order.

After downloading, you may be asked to activate the worksheet by clicking on the "Activate editing" button at the top when entering the desired number.

Please press the left mouse button on the respective picture, save file as... then fill in the Excel list and the appropriate order sheet and please return both (order sheet and Excel-list) by email to:

By means of the order form, you confirm that you have the appropriate rights to place the product on the market and that you are affiliated to a disposal system, e.g. for plastic components. Thank you very much.

  • After opening the downloaded Excel list, the message "Protected view" ("Geschützte Ansicht") may appear at the top. Please then activate the list with the button on the right "Activate editing" ("Bearbeitung aktivieren").

  • In the Excel lists you can fill in and save the number of variety signs, labels etc. in the left column for the desired varieties.

  • Please mark the details of the desired product (sign, label) on the respective order sheet, e.g. UVTopD A4, UVTopL A5 Landscape. For labels, please add the type of label you require.

  • If you need more than one product, e.g. A4 and A5 type labels, please send a separate Excel list and order sheet for each product.

  • We permit the use of the variety list exclusively for compiling an order to us (commercial customers only, no private sales).

  • The use of our sales aids is permitted exclusively for informal support of the sale of "regular original goods" (see Annex G Agency work / Publishing activity, paragraph Compliance with third party property rights).