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A class of its own

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For over 15 years, we have been offering high-quality, weatherproof and very stable variety signs for outdoor use. And right from the start, we have focused on long-term UV stability. For tens of years, we have given a 2.5-year UV usability guarantee on all UV-Top variety signs ► Recommended for multi-year outdoor use.

This makes our variety labels unique in the green market.

Discover a huge selection for the entire nursery, rose and gardener assortment in our extensive, constantly updated variety order lists, incl. identification signs for bee-friendly plants or varieties.

The print is single-sided (front side), with UVTop-D and UVTop-L double-sided printing is also possible on request.

Here you will find an overview of our different UV-Top variety signs:


Long-term UV-stable in A4, A5 portrait and landscape

Our inexpensive UV-Top-D signs have been particularly popular for years. And once you've ordered them, you won't want any others outdoors. The UV stability is simply impressive.

Please note our packaging units for UVTop-D: 9 pcs. for A4 and 18 pcs. for A5 signs (and the minimum order value according to our current price list).
Of course, these can be freely combined (no assortments) from our extensive order lists.

Would you like your own design or text? Call us (+49 [Î0]7472 94 99 111). We will be happy to advise you.


Long-term UV-stable, available in A4, A3 and A2 High

Group signs structure the sales area.

Please note our packaging units for UVTop-D: 9 pcs. for A4, 4 pcs. for A3 and 2 pcs. for A2 signs and the minimum order value according to our current price list.

Floribunda RosesGroundcover RosesHybrid Tea RosesEnglish & Nostalgic RosesOld Roses
Climbing RosesSpecies RosesRambler RosesShrub RosesMiniature Roses
Painter RosesTree RosesRoses & PerennialsPlanting & Care TipsApple varieties (garden & lawn)
Delicious PearsSweet CherriesMorello CherriesPlums, Mirabelles, Reneclodes


GooseberriesBerries for moor bedsPowerberriesVines for the Home gardenEvergreen Hedges
Deciduous HedgesDwarf shrubs for gravesKitchen HerbsMedicinal HerbsJapanese ornamental maples


In 2 sizes and 2 stake colours

SSG signs are especially by gardeners. They are ideal for labelling seasonal plants such as herbs, young vegetable plants, bedding and balcony plants.

The special UV-Top-D signs are attached with clips to the inclined, pre-drilled head parts of the SSG 440 (L = 44 cm) and SSG 500 (L = 53 cm) pole signs and can be replaced again and again. The pole signs are available in the colours yellow and black.

Please note our packaging units for UV-Top-D SSG: 56 pcs. for SSG 440 and 36 pcs. for SSG 500. Optionally, the signs can also be ordered without a rod sign (see price list).
Of course, they can be freely combined (no assortments) from our extensive variety order lists.


Long-term UV-stable in A4, A5 portrait and landscape

Our high-quality laminated UV-Top-L signs are very dimensionally stable and just as UV-resistant as UV-Top-D signs.

Their surface is smooth and glossy, the design restrained.

Your advantage: Available in quantities of 1 or more, freely combinable from our extensive variety order lists. Since they are manufactured in single-unit quantities, they are somewhat more expensive than UVTop-D (see price list).


Maximum flexibility at the POS

With our MagSnap interchangeable magnet system, you can flexibly "snap" UV-Top-L signs onto a sheet metal panel adapted to your sales bed.

The magnets are very strong and hold the signs in place even in rough winds, such as in North Friesland! The MagSnap set can be equipped with new signs again and again.

1 magnet set is required per A4 or A5 sign (see price list).


Prices in EUR ex works, plus VAT and delivery charges. Subject to prior sale, errors, price adjustments, technical changes and colour deviations. With the publication of a new price list, this price list loses its validity.