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Equipping your plants with standard labels or labels from different suppliers are not an option for you? We show you the possibilities:


Diversity of variants through design adaptations

The simplest and cheapest way to customise labels is to vary the standard design using our standard shapes (plug-in or hang tags). This can be, for example, your own EAN code, planting instructions on the back, a price point, your logo, colour adaptations to your CI or a label of origin.

Especially for small to medium quantities (per variety), digital print labels are ideally suited for this individualised approach.


Adjusted to your business and your CI

Would you rather have your own label shape with your own design? We would be happy to design the shape of the label, the colouring and the presentation of the plants according to your ideas. We can draw on our own extensive image archive on the subject of gardens/plants. A rule of thumb for individual labels is a minimum run of 500 per plant variety, with a minimum total run of 40-60.000 labels, depending on the label size.

Just give us a call (+49 [0]7472-9499111) or send us an email with your ideas. We will be happy to work with you to develop a label concept that suits you.